Friday, March 30, 2007

Where are My Bon Bons?

First a quick recap of the first T-ball game. I'd like to say we have pictures to share but we forgot the camera. We were doing good just to make it to the ball park with both kids. Because there are no outs, no runs, and no score (everyone's a winner in T-ball...isn't that wonderful?) I can say that William's team won. But that's just my opinion. He did great, that is as long as he was facing forward rather than backwards when he was in the field. Score 1 for Catherine when she took off and ran into the game and crossed home plate. It's going to be a long 6 weeks!

But to my real point today. I remember when I left work to stay at home, one not so well meaning lawyer friend (2 guesses as to whether male or female) said "Well now you'll be lying around all day watching Oprah and eating bon bons." Here's a recap of my day today to give you a glimpse into my life now, and you be the judge as to how many bon bons I've consumed.

Woke up at 6 am. Proud of self for waking before the kids and showering AND washing/drying hair and getting ready before they awoke. Not only managed own personal hygiene, but also made bed, put in load of clothes, unloaded dishwasher, clipped coupons and made grocery list before first young'un woke up. Got William breakfast, went in to get Catherine only to be greeted by worst explosive diaper this side of freedom. Took few moments to compose self and proceeded to get crying toddler cleaned up, strip crib bedding, get toddler dressed and put soiled clothes and bedding in to bleach and wash.

Fed Catherine while calling for William every 2.3 seconds to get dressed and ready for school. When he refused, carried him kicking and screaming into room, to have him go completely wet noodle and have massive meltdown, all the while trying to no avail to just get his shirt over his head. I'll spare the rest of the ugly details, but suffice it to say that with threat of not going to school and staying in room all day long he finally cooperated and got dressed. At this point we're running 10 minutes late and in danger of missing drop off as I corral everyone out of the door and into the car, and try to corral Psycho dog back into house, only to discover as I'm putting Catherine in that she's just had the second worst diaper this side of freedom. Ran back inside to change her and tossed her into car and took off for school. All of this before 9 am.

Dropped William off and headed to post office to mail overdue packages. Waited in ungodly long line and considered faking labor just to move ahead. Finally got packages mailed and headed to grocery store. Haven't been in 2 weeks so had major shopping to do. Got Catherine settled into seat in cart and started shopping, only to have her start screaming and carrying on, trying to flip out of seat and grab everything within reach. The crying made her nose run even more, and at one point I looked at her wondering where she found a walrus mask only to realize that the "tusks" were two huge green snot wads hanging out of each nostril. Dug in diaper bag to find kleenex which only made her madder. Started grabbing essentials just hoping to make it out of store before having to call in an exorcist. Got home, unloaded groceries, unloaded possessed child and put up groceries while Sybil watched Wiggles (calm for the first time in 2 hours). With just a few minutes to spare, managed to run vacuum cleaner, dust furniture and clean glass doors and windows before heading back to school to get William. All of this before 12:00 noon.

Fed kids lunch, cleaned up kitchen, started dinner and put kids down for nap by 1:30. At that point I started looking for my *@@&*# bon bons to prop my feet up and watch Oprah. But then the 3 year old woke up and I've stopped typing this post 5 times already to herd him back into room.

Now that I think about it....what the hockey is a bon bon anyway?

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