Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursdays With William

It's so funny to me that you spend the first couple of years of your child's life trying to get him to talk, and once he really starts talking you start wondering why you ever encouraged him to speak. William has now entered the "why" zone. Every sentence seems to start with "why?" Here's an example:

"Why are you driving the car?"

"Because someone has to. Since Daddy isn't here, guess that leaves me. Is that ok with you?"

"Why do you say 'cause someone has to?"

"Just seemed like the right thing to say."

"Why do you have on that brown shirt?"

"Just's what I wanted to wear."

"But WHY did you want to wear it?"

"Just because. It's what I thought I should wear if I was going to be the one driving."

"Why do you say 'just because'?"

"Well, again, it seemed like the thing to say."


Then in a few minutes:

"Why do I have to sit in my booster seat?"

"Because the police will get you if you don't."

"Why would the police get me?"

"Because if you don't sit in your seat you'll get in trouble and they will take you to jail and you'll have to eat broccoli at every meal and take three baths a day and pick up everyone else's toys in jail and go to bed early every night."

"They have toys in jail?"

Sigh. And so it goes. From sun up to sun down. The "conversations" are endless. But then....out of nowhere....and completely unsolicited.....that little voice says "Mama, I love you." And my heart melts. And the chatter becomes music to my ears. And I wonder why I didn't encourage him to speak sooner.

And I hope he never stops.

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