Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Moving On

We are now settled in Georgia (and I’ll have some new posts about life here)…but I need to say that leaving Fairhope was hard.  Harder than I thought it would be.

I wasn’t just leaving a place that I love.  I was leaving behind a whole season of my life. 

See this room?


It used to look like this and have the cutest little boys curled up in the bed.  Or playing cars (or planes or monsters or pirates) in the floor.

July2005 007

And this room here?


I brought the sweetest baby girl home from the hospital a few years ago and laid her in this bed. 

July2005 003

And this big room?


Well it didn’t seem so big sometimes.  It was where we ate…watched TV…gave piggyback rides…threw temper tantrums…rocked babies…built forts with pillows and blankets…played ring around the roses…sat in time out…searched under sofas and chairs for lost pacies (and goldfish, gummies, tiny cars and remote controls)… 

Sometimes it seemed we were all on top of each other.  Especially at Christmas time when you threw in a supersized Christmas tree in the corner.

Christmaspics 299

Sometimes being on top each other wasn’t so bad.

In fact, it was kinda sweet.

I think I’ll miss that little house on Myrtle Street.