Sunday, March 01, 2015

A (Sad Little) Bunny Tale

About six months ago Catherine and her BFF got on a serious bunny kick.  As in...talking about bunnies, checking out books at the library on bunnies, wanting any type of clothing with bunnies (thanks a lot Mini Boden), even calling each other bunny.  It was kinda cute.  And totally a passing gig we figured.  But then they came up with a plan to go in together and get a bunny and share custody.   They even started picking out names.   Because BFF's parents are good friends (and across the street neighbors), I think we started discussing our potential shared grand-bunny one night over a glass of wine and I think I recall it went something like this....

N's parents: seems that N and C have a big plan to get a bunny.  What are y'all's thoughts on it?

C's father:  As long as the bunny lives at your house and you take care of it and pay for it and feed it and clean up after it and call it yours, we're all for it.

The End.

And we probably poured another glass of wine and changed the subject to cheese.

So one Sunday afternoon last fall N's mom texted me and asked if C and I wanted to go with her and N to the pet store to check out the bunny adoptions because she had kind of caved and was getting N one for her birthday.  And we decided that it would be a fun girls outing for all of us AND curb C's desire for a bunny since her BFF would be getting one!  (By the way, bunny adoptions are a THING....these litter box trained bunnies are available for adoption for a small fee, criminal background check, drug test, and psychological evaluation).  (Kidding!  The fee isn't that small).

So anyway we get to the pet store, and N (and C) fall in love with a white bunny named Boogie and Boogie ends up leaving with us....and (of course) going to live at N's house because, well, it was her birthday present after all.  And all hers.  Operative word being "all".  When we got to N's home and got Boogie unloaded and settled in his new digs (that was NOT C's house), reality set in and it was all just too much.  C ran from their house in tears, across the street, where she flung herself on her bed in a heap of tears.  I ran after her and found her sprawled out on her bed bawling.

I sat there, stroked her hair, and told her how sorry I was that she was so disappointed.  I told her I understood how very much she wanted a bunny, but today was N's day....and Boogie was her birthday present!  And, as she continued to cry, I opened my mouth and what came out was something like this...."....and even though today wasn't your day to get a bunny, that day WILL come, I'll have your very own bunny....I PROMISE."  And I looked up to see Andy in the doorway violently shaking his head and arms NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hysterical crying continued a while longer....but I finally got him calmed down by assuring him that the bunny obsession would pass.  Catherine seemed to be ok too....because I gave her an estimate of how long it might be before she got her own bunny.  I told her there was no way we could get a bunny until we get the garage cleaned out and make room for one.  (Knowing full well that project was probably years down the road because it's nothing for us to walk around piles of crap in a garage for that long).

Well, the bunny dream has not faded one bit.  And when she made out her chore chart a few weeks ago, one of her "extra" tasks she wrote in was "CLEAN OUT GARAGE."  She has bunny pictures all over her room, and she even drew and painted a bunny, framed it, and gave it to me for Christmas.  She insisted I put it on my nightstand....presumably so the last thing I see at night and the first thing in the morning is the picture of her dream....that we're quenching and stomping to bits.

The thing is, we said nine years ago that nothing else was coming in the house that eats or poops, and we got Stuart.  Then a few years later we said it again, and we got Mochi.  Andy says we mean it this time.  For realz.  But I don't know.....a litter box trained rabbit that lives in the garage, doesn't bark, and only eats 1/4 cup of food and the occasional carrot seems like the lowest maintenance thing we'd have going on around here.

Anyone care to place a bet on what the Easter bunny's gonna leave this year?