Monday, March 23, 2009

Hey...Where Did That Rug Go?

You know how sometimes you can be sleeping and feel like you're falling off a cliff and then you wake up? And realize it's just a dream?

Ever had that feeling but realized you're really awake?

I'm going to try to keep this as light as possible since this is supposed to be a fun blog. I guess I haven't posted much lately because, well, I just haven't felt really funny. I'm's just that my sense of humor kind of got ripped out from under me along with the rug.

You know all those awful stories on the news about all those people who have lost their jobs? Well...we've become one of those people. Not both of us. Just one of us. Remember that movie "Mr. Mom"? We're sort of living it right now.

I shouldn't say we haven't laughed much lately because that would be a lie. Actually, we've laughed quite a bit. Some days just to keep from crying. Others because it's all a surreal humorous scene some mornings as I rush out the door to a meeting while pancakes are flying across the kitchen and Daddy's running interference.

The thing is.... some days I think he's doing a much better job at home than I ever felt like I did. He is patient. Very very patient. And fun. He told me the other night that he looks at this as a kind of gift....a rare and unexpected opportunity to spend time with the kids that he would have never had. He is truly amazing me through this whole horrible thing. And I just love him all the more for it.

My biggest struggle here is the not knowing. The wondering. And the uncertainty. The fear of the unknown. And the fear that we're down to one life line. But then again that's one more than so many people have right now.

I have a childhood friend who ends each of her blog entries with a "Thanking God for... " thought. So I'm going to borrow that from her.

Thanking God today for life lines, unexpected gifts, and each other.