Tuesday, August 16, 2011


so my girl turned six and started kindergarten. all in one week.

here she is.....

oops. sorry. here she is.

first day of school.

she's a daddy's girl. here's daddy with her on the first day of kindergarten....

sorry. this is daddy and her on the first day of kindergarten ~

she and her big second grader brother are big buds.

...they made homemade pizzas for our little family birthday party.....

darn it. i did it again.

this is her and her big brother hanging out in the kitchen.....oh. and the morning of her sixth birthday, i took the cutest picture of her in bed with her favorite doll.

aren't they cute? wrong picture again.

here she is with elizabeth. she is her favorite doll. today. tina turner is so 2007.

see, here's the thing. when i look at this girl, i see that baby. i see that two-year-old with the crinkly nose, curly hair and smile that melts your heart.

i can't help it.

this is what i see....

when i look at her.

they said don't blink. or you'll miss it.

...they were right.