Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Aint Skeerd

For those who might have forgotten what happened last year when William went to talk to Santa, there's a refresher photo for you.

I am happy to report that after a trial run in Santa's lap last week, Santa is our FRIEND this year! William hopped right up and told Santa he wanted a Cars dbd (that would be DVD) and lots of other toys and a Jack in the Box. I looked at Andy and said HUH? Santa looked at William and scratched his beard and said...well....I sure don't get many requests for a Jack in the Box these days but I'll see if I can find you one. Of all things. A Jack in the Box. A scary little creation that should have been outlawed years ago. Those things freak me out. Even though I know what to expect I still jump. Oh well. I'll try to go in the other room before he gets to the end of the song. That is if Santa brings him one. He has to be a good boy. Right now it's all up in the air.

Soon we'll do the real deal and get our picture made with Santa. William will be wearing a T-shirt that says "Aint Skeerd."

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Survey says....Turkey!

One of my favorite game show moments ever (not that I am a huge game show fan) is the one that they often show from family feud where the old guy (British I think) is doing the bonus round and he's asked and responds to the following questions in this order:

Q~Name something that you take to the beach.
A~ Turkey. (but it sounded more like....Tuhhhhkey)

Q~What is the first item you pick up in the grocery store?

Q~Name a food that you stuff.
A~ (with great enthusiasm I might add) Tuhhhkey!!!!!

So here we are heading into Tuhhhkey day and all I can say is I hope my severely frozen Tuhhhkey defrosts before tomorrow. I may have to move dinner time to a midnight buffet if it doesn't. I might also add that I've never personally fixed a Tuhhhkey so this will be a first. I'm excited to be hosting my first ever Thanksgiving. Lots to be thankful for this year. Most of all I'll probably be thankful for the Butterball hotline tomorrow afternoon.

Happy Tuhhhkey day!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Christmas in Mayberry

Last night was the annual lighting of the trees here in Mayberry and with a choir singing carols and the Mayor counting down to the big moment, the switch was flipped and the season had begun! I always look around to see if Norman Rockwell is there with his canvas to capture the scene. Choirs singing, hot chocolate and popcorn on every corner and Mrs. Clause (guess Santa was too busy getting toys ready) to greet the little ones. Charming.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Feeling Good

It's been an infirmary around here but I think we're on the mend. First William, then Andy, then Catherine, and I think I narrowly escaped the CRUD that made its rounds in our house as well as every other house I know of.

Andy left on Saturday to go to Atlanta for a few days and as he was leaving I was clinging to his leg begging him not to leave me alone with them. Not really. But I wanted to. Lest I ever accuse of him of not helping out all it takes is a few days being outnumbered for me to realize that there is power in backup. Of course when number three gets here unless we hire a personal assistant we're forever outnumbered and probably outwitted too. I made the not so wise decision while he was gone to get us all to church Sunday morning. Miraculously we made it there on time but not before I nearly lost my religion trying to get William dressed. He went wet noodle on me (all parents of 3 year olds know what I'm talking about). I would have just as soon been dressing Chucky the Alligator as trying to get pants, shirts, shoes and socks on William. Honestly, if he had asked to wear his Buzz Lightyear costume I would have happily said yes if it meant him getting dressed on his own. Of course I would have worn a sign on the way into church that said "He's Not Mine."

Happy to say Andy is back and I was able to go to the bathroom for the first time last night. Alone that is. So I locked the door and stayed in there for 3 hours.

My peace was short lived though when William woke up at 2 am calling for me because he wet the bed. This rarely happens so when it does I'm not really prepared for it anymore. But as I stumbled into his room and got him cleaned up he started hollering that he wanted to read the spider book. Then he wanted to watch a movie. No, William, it's the middle of the night and we're going back to sleep. So I told him to come with me and get in the bed in the guest room. He refused, of course, and instead went in the den where he sat in the dark and started crying because he wanted to watch a movie. I had two options. Either physically move him in the bed in which case all h-e- double hockey sticks would have broken loose, or leave him in the den crying and go to bed alone. I chose the second option. Andy woke up though and came into the den wanting to know what was going on, and scooped William up asking him didn't he want to go get in the bed with daddy. Of course he did. And in one swift move Andy was the hero and I was the villain. No worries though. I was a villain sleeping alone in a quiet room with no baby monitors and out of ear shot of the psychotic dog on the porch turning flips with every clap of thunder. And it felt so good.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Toilet Bowls and Totem Poles

The other day William was watching Little Einsteins and he got so excited about what they were doing. He started yelling that Quincy and June were searching for toilet bowls. ???huh? I walked in there to see what he was watching and asked him again what he said. He said "Mama, they are searching for toilet bowls!" So I watched for a moment and saw that they were wandering through a jungle looking for....totem poles. Totem poles, toilet bowls....same difference. At least to a 3 year old.

Speaking of toilet bowls. William is really into comparisons these days. He likes to ask whether something is big, or little. And then we usually end up having an in depth discussion about it. Except this morning. He had just finished pottying (number one thankfully) and walked in to the den where I was attempting to have my morning coffee and wake up enough to speak coherently. He held up a wad of (probably used) toilet paper right in front of my face and said "Hey this big? or little?" Ewwww. So I told him it looked just the right size so scurry back in there and throw it in the potty and flush! He stood there a moment and said "But Mama, if it's big it will get stuck!" Very perceptive response but the whole scene was too bizarre and too early for me to appreciate it. Just go drop it in the totem pole and see what happens.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Good Times

Halloween Costumes - Buzz Lightyear and Ladybug. A close second for Catherine was the dress that her Holly Hobbie doll wears but the Ladybug got bigger laughs. We're ready though for the casting call for the next Half Pint if they remake Little House!

Not Halloween fun but just having fun at bedtime....and delaying the inevitable!

More Chocolate, Less Nerds Please!

So I think it should be an official Halloween rule that every house must hand out some form of chocolate. I dumped the kids' treat bags out and what was up with all the Nerds and LaffyTaffy? Ok I guess the kids like it but the pregnant Mamas need Snickers and KitKats! Must hit the half off sales this afternoon.

Halloween was fun this year. Buzz and the Ladybug had fun trick or treating...William had the program down...."Trick or Treat" (luckily he forgot the smell my feet rendition his Daddy taught him) and "Thank you!" Catherine however used her only and favorite word these days...."Hey!" Worked just as well.

Now on to Thanksgiving and....gasp....Christmas already? It's still 80 degrees here!

Something is wrong with the picture posting...will post pictures later.