Monday, November 06, 2006

Toilet Bowls and Totem Poles

The other day William was watching Little Einsteins and he got so excited about what they were doing. He started yelling that Quincy and June were searching for toilet bowls. ???huh? I walked in there to see what he was watching and asked him again what he said. He said "Mama, they are searching for toilet bowls!" So I watched for a moment and saw that they were wandering through a jungle looking for....totem poles. Totem poles, toilet bowls....same difference. At least to a 3 year old.

Speaking of toilet bowls. William is really into comparisons these days. He likes to ask whether something is big, or little. And then we usually end up having an in depth discussion about it. Except this morning. He had just finished pottying (number one thankfully) and walked in to the den where I was attempting to have my morning coffee and wake up enough to speak coherently. He held up a wad of (probably used) toilet paper right in front of my face and said "Hey this big? or little?" Ewwww. So I told him it looked just the right size so scurry back in there and throw it in the potty and flush! He stood there a moment and said "But Mama, if it's big it will get stuck!" Very perceptive response but the whole scene was too bizarre and too early for me to appreciate it. Just go drop it in the totem pole and see what happens.

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