Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More Chocolate, Less Nerds Please!

So I think it should be an official Halloween rule that every house must hand out some form of chocolate. I dumped the kids' treat bags out and what was up with all the Nerds and LaffyTaffy? Ok I guess the kids like it but the pregnant Mamas need Snickers and KitKats! Must hit the half off sales this afternoon.

Halloween was fun this year. Buzz and the Ladybug had fun trick or treating...William had the program down...."Trick or Treat" (luckily he forgot the smell my feet rendition his Daddy taught him) and "Thank you!" Catherine however used her only and favorite word these days...."Hey!" Worked just as well.

Now on to Thanksgiving and....gasp....Christmas already? It's still 80 degrees here!

Something is wrong with the picture posting...will post pictures later.

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maryabigail said...

Speaking of not having the program down...My 4 year old neighbor came over at like 7 and instead of knocking he just kept trying to get in the door!!! I had no idea who it was and I was totally freaked out. I was actually leaning against the door and thinking about calling 911. He finally answered my shout of, "WHO IS IT???" Instead of wanting a piece of candy, he handed me a piece of candy. He needs to get the Halloween program down big time!