Saturday, January 27, 2007

Give Me a Break

Ok I heard something on the news the other day that really disturbed me. Apparently a couple with a 3 year old child boarded an airplane and because the child was crying they were told they would have to leave the plane and could not fly because the airline had an obligation to other passengers. Here is the link in case you don't believe me:

Here is why it's disturbing to me. And I'll admit there may be more to it than the media portrayed. But I've been subjected to less than pleasant and peaceful situations on airplanes before - such as the stinky passenger next to me who needed a shower and some mouthwash, the loud mouthed gossipy and slowly getting drunk hoochie mamas making their business everyone else's around them, the punk with the loud music that was blasting out of his earphones, or the generally grumpy, whiny, complaining people who just won't let it go that their large furniture sized suitcase wouldn't fit in the overhead bin after they held up aisle traffic for 10 minutes trying to cram it in!!! In short, flying these days is NOT a peaceful and tranquil experience. So if we're going to ask crying children and their poor helpless parents to leave the plane, let's line up the rest of these offenders to follow them right on out.

I used to be one of "those people" years ago disgusted by crying children in restaurants, grocery stores, and especially airplanes or other confined quarters. I used to say "my child will NEVER act like that." But guess what? Children CRY! That's what they do. And even the best behaved, most well mannered and disciplined child will, at times, get upset and CRY. And the most involved, engaged, concerned and consistent parent will not, at times, be able to stop it. I fear that was the situation with these people on that airplane. I fear that it could me one day. Because when you have small children, you still need to buy groceries, eat out occasionally, and, heaven forbid, travel on an airplane.

I try to be conscious of my fellow patrons and I try my best not to let my children disturb them. I will gladly take them out of the restaurant for a few minutes to get them calmed down, or grab a bag of Sponge Bob cookies in the grocery store and rip them open right there if it stops the tears......but you can only do so much in the chaos of boarding an airplane and trying to get a toddler in the seat.

But I think I'd have better luck getting my toddler in his seat than Joe Tool will have getting that mattress in the overhead compartment.

Sheesh. Give me a stinkin' break!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This is Not a Democracy!

Trying to raise two toddlers is no easy task. Well let me qualify that statement. If all I had to do was keep them fed and watered, it might be easier than trying to teach them manners, to have respect for others, to play nicely with each other and generally to be good little citizens. I love John Rosemond's description of toddlers ~ they are sociopaths! I'm not being ugly here folks, just stating the truth. Some days I feel like I'm just shoveling snow in the middle of a snowstorm, making no progress. But then I have moments of realization that maybe I'm getting through and doing an ok job.

Like the other night. William's bedtime is 8:00 and usually never later than 8:30. He started pitching a fit the other night though, crying, not wanting to go to bed and saying he was hungry. He wanted pizza chips. He was screaming out loud that he wanted pizza chips. I stood in the door of his bedroom and told him if he was truly hungry he could have a banana. Otherwise he could go to sleep. More crying, more begging for the chips. I listened for about 2.3 seconds and turned to walk out. As the door was closing he quickly hollers out "ok Mama I'll take a banana!" Keeping my word, I got him a banana, watched him eat it, took the peeling away, kissed him and said Goodnight. More crying, but it didn't last long. At least I don't think it did. I went to the back of the house where I could find a quiet place. night, same scene. Crying at bedtime, saying he was hungry, blah blah blah. Andy was putting him to bed so in a just a minute Andy comes in the kitchen and tells me that William asked him for pizza chips, and when Andy told him he would have to ask me William said...No Daddy, don't ask Mama. I'll just have a banana and then go to sleep!

HA! Success! But of course I had a different kind of realization earlier today when William and Catherine were playing and, apparently in response to the theft of his juice cup by his sister, William sharply yelled "NO CATHERINE, NO! YOU. CAN. NOT. HAVE. MY. JUICE. YOU WILL GET A SPANKING. AND YOU KNOW I MEAN BUSINESS."

Hey, Chemical Ali. I'm the only Dictator around here and I don't need an assistant!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Naptime, Naptime, Wonderful Glorious Naptime

We had a busy day today. William's friend Bo came over this morning to play while his Mom went to a Dr. appointment. I was excited that William would have someone to play with while Catherine slept and I, hopefully, got some of the 42 pending loads of laundry done. From the moment William woke up that's all he could talk about...sing around the room about...Bo's coming over, Bo's coming over...Mama, when's it time for Bo to come over? When's Bo going to get here? Mama Mama Mama....where's Bo????????

When Bo's Mom pulled up William started jumping up and down...Mama, Bo's here...BO'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Bo comes in, they run over and plop in the floor of the playroom and start playing. Bo's Mom leaves, and I head off to get some things done.

Five minutes later Bo and William come running into the kitchen. What do you need, I ask?

Mama....will you play with us?


No, William, you go play with Bo. He's here now, and you've been waiting your whole life for him to get here. Now, GO PLAY!

Sheesh! It went on like this for 2 hours until they finally talked me into reading them a book. At this point though Catherine was awake, and while I was reading she was picking at William's shoes, pulling the boys' hair, and climbing into the little denim chair and falling over backwards and wailing until I would sit her upright. About that time Bo's Mom came in and we decided to go to Mcdonalds and pick up Happy Meals and take the boys to the park for a picnic.

We got the food, got to the park, pulled out the McNuggets and juice boxes, and the boys grabbed the little $.10 toy and ran off announcing they weren't hungry. Nice.

Anyway, we are back home, all are exhausted (especially Mama) and I couldn't get little ones into their beds fast enough. I am now about to do what I do often...and not feel one bit guilty about....and take a nap as well. My napping days will come to a screeching hault in about 4 months when #3 gets here. Better enjoy while I can. Nighty night!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pretty is as Pretty Does

Took these pictures when we went for New Year's Eve brunch at the Grand Hotel. When we first walked in these sweet ladies were standing there and commented on how cute the kids looked. Mama always said pretty is as pretty does. I'm happy to say though that their behavior was pretty that day too. I'm also happy to say that the boardwalk, hotel and point at the Grand is back to its original beauty after all the damage from the hurricane. It was a nice farewell to 2006!

Alas, A New Year

It's been a while since I last posted. I have been so busy over the holidays. There were so many parties and other social engagements, with visits to the hair and nail salon intermingled, dinners out, wining, dining, blah blah blah. Oh. No. Wait a minute. THAT WAS IN MY DREAMS. Andy and I did manage to slip away one afternoon to see Rocky (don't was good) and have dinner at O'Charlies (go ahead and laugh...but we had a gift card so it was free and if you say you don't love their yeast rolls you're a liar!). That was the highlight social outing of the season. The rest of time I feel like I spent whining over all the sickness in our home and seldom least on hot food that is. That's something they never tell you before you become a mom. You can kiss hot meals goodbye. Lukewarm is about as good as it gets.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm just telling it like it is. I remember the last Christmas holiday that Andy and I spent alone. It was 2002. Pre-William. Christmas Eve we went to church and then ordered take out from Ruth's Chris, brought it home, set it out on the fine china, lit the candles, opened a good bottle of red, turned on the Christmas music and marveled at how wonderful the whole scene was. Yet all we could talk about was how much we couldn't wait to have children and start our family, because that's what Christmas is all about. Fast forward to this Christmas Eve, post-William, post-Catherine and pre-Number 3. Steaks from Winn Dixie, no candles, no lovely music, and the only wine was the whine from the ornery toddler throwing tiny pieces of steak all over the floor. Then I managed to compose myself, pick up my steak from the floor and eat it before it got any colder while William, Catherine and Andy just stared at me in amazement.

I jest. Somewhat. It's not quite the Normal Rockwell scene I used to envision. But there's nothing sweeter than those little arms wrapping tightly around me, or the sweet smell of their hair as they nuzzle in for one last goodnight snuggle, the sound of William's little voice whispering "I love you too, Mama" or the contagious laughter that abounds. Ahhhh. Wouldn't trade it for a lifetime of dinners from Ruth's Chris. I'll take my cold meal anytime. That's what microwaves are for anyway.

Happy New Year!