Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Naptime, Naptime, Wonderful Glorious Naptime

We had a busy day today. William's friend Bo came over this morning to play while his Mom went to a Dr. appointment. I was excited that William would have someone to play with while Catherine slept and I, hopefully, got some of the 42 pending loads of laundry done. From the moment William woke up that's all he could talk about...sing around the room about...Bo's coming over, Bo's coming over...Mama, when's it time for Bo to come over? When's Bo going to get here? Mama Mama Mama....where's Bo????????

When Bo's Mom pulled up William started jumping up and down...Mama, Bo's here...BO'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Bo comes in, they run over and plop in the floor of the playroom and start playing. Bo's Mom leaves, and I head off to get some things done.

Five minutes later Bo and William come running into the kitchen. What do you need, I ask?

Mama....will you play with us?


No, William, you go play with Bo. He's here now, and you've been waiting your whole life for him to get here. Now, GO PLAY!

Sheesh! It went on like this for 2 hours until they finally talked me into reading them a book. At this point though Catherine was awake, and while I was reading she was picking at William's shoes, pulling the boys' hair, and climbing into the little denim chair and falling over backwards and wailing until I would sit her upright. About that time Bo's Mom came in and we decided to go to Mcdonalds and pick up Happy Meals and take the boys to the park for a picnic.

We got the food, got to the park, pulled out the McNuggets and juice boxes, and the boys grabbed the little $.10 toy and ran off announcing they weren't hungry. Nice.

Anyway, we are back home, all are exhausted (especially Mama) and I couldn't get little ones into their beds fast enough. I am now about to do what I do often...and not feel one bit guilty about....and take a nap as well. My napping days will come to a screeching hault in about 4 months when #3 gets here. Better enjoy while I can. Nighty night!

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