Saturday, January 27, 2007

Give Me a Break

Ok I heard something on the news the other day that really disturbed me. Apparently a couple with a 3 year old child boarded an airplane and because the child was crying they were told they would have to leave the plane and could not fly because the airline had an obligation to other passengers. Here is the link in case you don't believe me:

Here is why it's disturbing to me. And I'll admit there may be more to it than the media portrayed. But I've been subjected to less than pleasant and peaceful situations on airplanes before - such as the stinky passenger next to me who needed a shower and some mouthwash, the loud mouthed gossipy and slowly getting drunk hoochie mamas making their business everyone else's around them, the punk with the loud music that was blasting out of his earphones, or the generally grumpy, whiny, complaining people who just won't let it go that their large furniture sized suitcase wouldn't fit in the overhead bin after they held up aisle traffic for 10 minutes trying to cram it in!!! In short, flying these days is NOT a peaceful and tranquil experience. So if we're going to ask crying children and their poor helpless parents to leave the plane, let's line up the rest of these offenders to follow them right on out.

I used to be one of "those people" years ago disgusted by crying children in restaurants, grocery stores, and especially airplanes or other confined quarters. I used to say "my child will NEVER act like that." But guess what? Children CRY! That's what they do. And even the best behaved, most well mannered and disciplined child will, at times, get upset and CRY. And the most involved, engaged, concerned and consistent parent will not, at times, be able to stop it. I fear that was the situation with these people on that airplane. I fear that it could me one day. Because when you have small children, you still need to buy groceries, eat out occasionally, and, heaven forbid, travel on an airplane.

I try to be conscious of my fellow patrons and I try my best not to let my children disturb them. I will gladly take them out of the restaurant for a few minutes to get them calmed down, or grab a bag of Sponge Bob cookies in the grocery store and rip them open right there if it stops the tears......but you can only do so much in the chaos of boarding an airplane and trying to get a toddler in the seat.

But I think I'd have better luck getting my toddler in his seat than Joe Tool will have getting that mattress in the overhead compartment.

Sheesh. Give me a stinkin' break!

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