Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This is Not a Democracy!

Trying to raise two toddlers is no easy task. Well let me qualify that statement. If all I had to do was keep them fed and watered, it might be easier than trying to teach them manners, to have respect for others, to play nicely with each other and generally to be good little citizens. I love John Rosemond's description of toddlers ~ they are sociopaths! I'm not being ugly here folks, just stating the truth. Some days I feel like I'm just shoveling snow in the middle of a snowstorm, making no progress. But then I have moments of realization that maybe I'm getting through and doing an ok job.

Like the other night. William's bedtime is 8:00 and usually never later than 8:30. He started pitching a fit the other night though, crying, not wanting to go to bed and saying he was hungry. He wanted pizza chips. He was screaming out loud that he wanted pizza chips. I stood in the door of his bedroom and told him if he was truly hungry he could have a banana. Otherwise he could go to sleep. More crying, more begging for the chips. I listened for about 2.3 seconds and turned to walk out. As the door was closing he quickly hollers out "ok Mama I'll take a banana!" Keeping my word, I got him a banana, watched him eat it, took the peeling away, kissed him and said Goodnight. More crying, but it didn't last long. At least I don't think it did. I went to the back of the house where I could find a quiet place. night, same scene. Crying at bedtime, saying he was hungry, blah blah blah. Andy was putting him to bed so in a just a minute Andy comes in the kitchen and tells me that William asked him for pizza chips, and when Andy told him he would have to ask me William said...No Daddy, don't ask Mama. I'll just have a banana and then go to sleep!

HA! Success! But of course I had a different kind of realization earlier today when William and Catherine were playing and, apparently in response to the theft of his juice cup by his sister, William sharply yelled "NO CATHERINE, NO! YOU. CAN. NOT. HAVE. MY. JUICE. YOU WILL GET A SPANKING. AND YOU KNOW I MEAN BUSINESS."

Hey, Chemical Ali. I'm the only Dictator around here and I don't need an assistant!

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