Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Great American Pastime

So William's first T-ball game is tomorrow night. He has cleats. He has a ball glove. He has a pack of Big League Chew. But is he ready to play ball? His team has had one practice. They first practiced rounding the bases, which went ok until one of his teammates picked up second base, put it on his head and went running off into the outfield. Then they practiced hitting the ball. When it was William's turn at bat he took a few practice swings until I think the air generated from one of the swings blew the ball off the T, and instead of running to first base he ran after the ball along with everyone else. Once he made it on base, I thought he was going to make it home until he started running for third base only to run to third base at the next field over. Can't wait to report on the first game. I only hope there are no injuries to report, which is more than I can say for his poor old (and I emphasize old) Dad.

Andy has been playing for the church softball team and had a double header last night. He came limping in around 10:00, announcing that he had pulled a hamstring and he needed help taking off his shoes and socks. I looked around for a volunteer but saw no takers so I heaved myself out of bed and out of the goodness of my heart helped the poor guy out. Then he said that our friend Kerry ( a physical therapist) said that he needed to put ice on it, take some Aleve, and "have Julie massage it until you fall asleep." Kerry is no longer my friend.

I told Andy he was finished. Washed up. Kiss it goodbye. No more softball. I need him with all his appendages to help me out here in a few weeks. Guess he was in so much pain that he agreed. After showering he limped upstairs to fix himself something to eat and returned with a big brand new bag of frozen green beans to put on his sore leg. I looked over at him settling into bed with his veggie pack and suggested that, um, perhaps an ice pack would be a slightly better idea so we wouldn't be waking up in the morning next to a green bean casserole. Besides, those beans were to be his dinner the next night.

Will give a full recap after the big opening game tomorrow night. If William can just stay on the correct field I'll be so proud!

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