Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Left Behind

So of course I didn't sleep again last night. I was up at 1 am eating a piece of pound cake and watching infomercials. I came * this close to buying an automatic toothbrush that doubles as an answering machine. For some reason at 1 am these are the kind of things you think you can't live without.

Anyway....about an hour into my infomercial marathon I heard Catherine coughing something terrible. William, Catherine and I all have this annoying cough (although only one of us pees our pants when we cough and it's not either of the two you would think) that is probably due to the pollen. And our strawberry picking outing yesterday didn't help our allergies. It's like someone dropped a pollen bomb on this place. SO.....I go in to see about her and once I picked her up she wouldn't let me put her down. So I decided that we should just both try to go back to sleep together in the guest room.

As I schlep into the guest room carrying Catherine, Number 3 (always), Catherine's blanket, doll, Elmo, paci, sippy cup, 3 pillows for me and my own cup of water I see a big black spot in the middle of the bed. It took me a minute to recognize that it was Annabelle, crazy neurotic psycho dog. I manage to get Catherine in the bed, all the pillows in place, all the friends in place, cups of water on the bedside table, and slide into my side of the bed without disturbing Psycho. Just as I get settled, I have to get up and pee. And so it goes. All night long. What night was left at that point.

To say I was not quite myself when the sun finally came peeping through the blinds and woke us up would be an understatement. So Catherine and I wander into the den and I realize how quiet it is. And there is no movement from the other side of the house where Andy should be showering and getting ready for work. About that time the phone rings and it's my friend Molly calling from Atlanta.

I guess I sounded frazzled and she said "oh is it too early to call?"

I said..."No, I was just standing here wondering if the rapture had come and we were left behind. I'm frankly thrilled that it's you on the phone because if you're calling me then I know it's not the case."

As it turns out we weren't left out of the Heavenly rapture but were left behind on Andy's trip to Birmingham. Right about now he's probably feasting on candy samples at Priester's. Now that I think of it, grazing on brownies and lemon delicious really IS my idea of Heaven these days. Dang.

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