Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thumbs Up

Three year olds crack me up. At least mine does. Last night William was eating his dinner...well actually he was having breakfast for dinner...we all were. The result of my total exhaustion these days and complete inability to make decisions or plan anything in advance. Namely dinner. So breakfast it was. Which suited William just fine because one of his favorite meals is cheesey eggs and bacon. So I sat his plate in front of him and he said "Mmmmmm...looks good." Then I watched him take a big bite and say "mmmm...Tasty!" And each bite that followed concluded with that proclamation. "mmmmm....Tasty!" I have to say that the first time or two it was charming. Then it became somewhat annoying. But in a sweet way.

Today he's been less verbal but still made me laugh. Earlier he was eating his sandwich and I said "wow you're eating like such a big boy....must be tasty." He didn't say a word but gave me a big thumbs up. It just looked so funny to me because I can't tell you the last time I've given or received a thumbs up!

Here's something that I might have to give at least one maybe two thumbs up to though....I have to share about an amazing find I ran across in Target the other day. As I was doing what I fear these days may be last minute know, stockpiling the toothpaste, toilet paper and deodorant before the baby other words nesting....I found something that may be the secret to bliss and happiness. "Well Being Socks." Socks that are infused with aromotherapy. Socks that will make you happy and give you a peaceful feeling all over. I never dreamed that all I needed was a pair of socks of all things. So of course I bought them. And they are already packed in my bag ready to go to the hospital. As soon as the contractions start I plan to tear open my happy new socks and put them on so I'll be blissful and happy happy happy while I'm in labor! Makes me want to break into song just thinking about it.

Zipidee Do Dah!

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