Saturday, April 05, 2008

She Trusts Me

My cousin over at The Garden Sage sent me this little package a few weeks ago, and must have the utmost confidence that I won't murder her cute little plants. She actually sent me four (no, Kim, I haven't killed the other one) but #4 is in a separate planter. I actually took this picture about a month ago and I'm happy to say all are alive and well!

Just wanted to show how cute they are (can't really tell about the little hen and chicks in the middle) and tell you what a great gift this makes! Instead of buying flowers that will surely die, you can send someone a package with a few little plants that, with proper love and care, will last a long time. Mothers Day is coming up. I think a few of these little darlings, along with a spa gift certificate, a year's maid service and something shiny and sparkly for the ears would make an excellent gift!
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Robin3 said...

Cute plants! I love herbs so much & we have pots of chives, oregano, taragon, basil, parsley, and mint every year. Good luck keeping yours alive!!

Lynda said...

Since you ask I prefer Bling Bling!

Oops, guess you meant that for Andy.