Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Not So Simple Life

I had a terrible experience the other night with the cable company. First of all, let me just say that, if I had it my way, we would have one small black and white television in the house, sans cable, with a lovely little set of rabbit ears sitting right on top. But SEC football just doesn't cut it on a 10 inch screen, or so I'm told. So we not only have a TV in the den, we have one in our bedroom. And we have cable or satellite or something all space age complete with DVR so you can record what you want to watch and watch when you want to. And I admit I've become a little spoiled by the DVR.

One of my guilty pleasures is watching the Today show every morning while I have my coffee. But sometimes that just doesn't work out. So I record it. And watch it at 9 pm if I have to. Crazy I know. But it's kind of like recording a big game, or American Idol, and not wanting to know what happened until you can see it yourself. I'm like that with the news. I don't want to know what happened until Ann Curry tells me.

So I grabbed the remote the other day in our room and pressed the power button and nothing happened. It turned on the TV, and it lit up, but the cable didn't come on. So I called customer service. After pressing 5, 3#, 8903, 1u789dyu8n3jiydu8uwhu38hdq&*#%%^&!^&*!, I finally got someone on the line. I told him the TV was coming on with the remote but not the cable.

"Ok, ma'am. We'll work through this together. Now, just to confirm, you do have the television remote in your hand, correct?"

He's kidding, right? I waited a moment and then said, "Oh wow. Oh geez. Now I see what the problem is. I'm so glad I called. Mmmm. How embarrassing. Ha, ha, ha. Silly me. I've been trying to use the HAIRDRYER to turn on the TV!"

Whatever. After two dropped calls and a million instructions later to re-program every receiver and TV in the house, he finally made a brilliant call and determined that the remote was bad.

Ya think???

They are sending us another one. I really miss the good ole simple days. You never had to call customer service to figure out how to move those rabbit ears around!


Colored With Memories said...

So funny! It's posts like these though that confirm our decision way back to never have cable. Nope! No cable for us. We figured we'd waste too much time in front of it. Plus we figure we've saved $5 or 6K on cable bills over the past 9 years of marriage! We're probably the only house in the US w/rabbit ears! Hope they never break.

WendyH said...

That cable customer rep was definitely related to your fridge repair guy.

Rhonda Case said...

In the "old" days, my father's remote had two names, Rhonda and Ellen.

Sarah said...

I read your blog religiously but I've never commented because it's weird to comment on someone's blog that doesn't know you from Adam's house cat. (For the record, I'm a friend of Mary Abigail's) So, I just wanted to let you know that we have a ten inch television that might as well be black and white because the rabbit ears don't do much to clean up the picture. We don't watch much tv, but that leaves me plenty of time for the computer! Six, one half dozen...Keep up the great blog!

WendyH said...

Rhonda, my dad's remote was better than yours! He had the three-in-one...WendyTommyDanny. I'm sooo glad that freakin tv-in-a-cabinet finally died! I was probably the only kid I knew with carpal tunnel from turning the dial on that tv for my dad.