Sunday, April 20, 2008

Little Boys and Beach Toys

I took William to the beach last week just for the day to meet one of his best little friends who was staying there for spring break.  It was a rare occasion where it was just me and William.  I realized how nice it was (a) to have one on one time with just one child, and that I need to do it more often and (b) to travel with a child who can potty (not in pants) without assistance and doesn't need to drink from a sippy cup.  Ahhhh....independence. 

William and friend had the time of their lives, running all over the beach, chasing each other, running from the waves, laughing, yelling at the top of their lungs with no one telling them to use "inside voices" and building sand castles. 

That is, until a grown woman came over and stole their buckets and shovels.

Well, she didn't steal them exactly.  She asked first.  The boys had left their toys with us to go play in the water and this woman walks over and asks if she could "borrow" the shovels and buckets.  Thinking she had a child who, sadly, didn't have anything to play with, I said "sure."  She then picked up the toys, walked about a half mile away, and started playing in the sand.  Herself.  All alone.  A 30+ year old grown adult woman.  PLAYING IN THE SAND.


Anyway...I love this picture.  Obviously taken prior to the theft.


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Mary Anna said...

Did she at least bring them back? Weirdo.