Monday, April 21, 2008

The Last One

We celebrated Stuart's first birthday yesterday, even though he doesn't turn "1" until Thursday. It was bittersweet. Our last First Birthday for our last baby. The first birthday is always such a celebration. A celebration of moving from babyhood to toddlerhood. A chance to look back over the year and marvel at all the milestones. To give thanks for that precious gift. And to remember all those times you sat curled in the fetal position in the corner of the kitchen rocking back and forth chanting "I will survive" and realize that you did, in fact, survive. Quite an accomplishment, no?

I had originally planned to bake a cute train know....decorated with oreos for wheels, piled full of candy and animal crackers and chugging over some Kit Kat tracks. I looked and looked at pictures and had it all planned. Then started getting sick the end of the week and wimped out. Instead I made cupcakes with blue frosting for the kids,to stain their clothes real good. And I also made a lemon filled cake with cream cheese icing....those are supposed to be polka dots but my Ziploc pastry bag exploded. Just use your imagination.



I looked and looked to find a toy that we didn't already have. You see, by the time the third child comes along you start telling people to just give him empty bags and boxes for gifts because (a) you already have everything and (b) that's all they want to play with anyway. But I found this little up and down "roller coaster" that all of the kids are loving playing with. I hope they never tire of it because it's about 1/4 mile long and has taken over my living room.



Nothing like having your brother and sister spit all over your cupcake before you get to dig in.


Undeterred by the spittage. This boy loves to eat.



And I just love this boy.


And we're done.



Rhonda Case said...

Happy birthday Stuart! And, many more!!!!!

Laurie said...

We have the same roller coaster and it, too, occupied our living room for awhile! Annie loved it and says "Happy Birthday, Stuart!"

Colored With Memories said...

Everything looks yummy!

We have that same "roller coaster" and it has been a hit for nearly two years OUTSIDE hit!

WendyH said...

Happy First Birthday Stuart! Have fun on the roller coaster!

P.S. I hope all of the Ralph's are well soon.

P.S.S. that b-day looks gooooood mmm mmm mmm