Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Calling June Cleaver

My friend Molly sent me these darling little note cards a while back and they really could be snapshots from my daily life....admiring my anniversary gift toaster while doting husband looks on adoringly, thoughtfully planning my weekly menus, basting my pot roast whilst getting nary a wrinkle in my linen apron, stocking the refrigerator ~ high heels, pearls and all. I guess my artistic juices were still flowing from yesterday's project so today I decided to decoupage (incidentally, the word for the day) a bland TV tray that's been sitting in the corner for years just waiting to be decorated.

It was either do this or laundry. Clean underwear is highly overrated anyway.
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Mary Anna said...

When my mamaw was alive, she'd come visit us and ask my mom questions like, "why is the silver not polished?" Coming from a woman that ironed her bedsheets, this was not an unrealistic feat.

Between two kids and a full-time job, my mom just rolled her eyes. It's amazing how women's roles have changed...