Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Lucky Number Seven

I'm trying to teach my children how to read time. Specifically, how to read 7:00 (am). So they will stay in their rooms until then. So I can have my coffee and adjust to the light of day before they bring on the noise and the funk.

All of my kids (knock on wood) are great sleepers. Which is a good thing because I like being a great sleeper as well. But for some reason since the time changed this last time, no matter what time they go to bed (which is usually no later than 8 and can be as early as 6 depending on their behavior!), they are up with the sun. Even on the rare occasion that they are up later than 8. Up at sunrise.

I recently put clocks in both of their rooms and have been instructing them in recognizing 7. I've showed them what it looks like, and pointed out over and over that the first number MUST be a 7 in order for them to come out of their rooms.

I went to the gym his morning and was back sitting in my room, doing my morning computer thing and having my coffee when William came running out of his room and through the house with his clock, yelling at the top of his lungs, "A SEVEN, I have a SEVEN, there's a SEVEN on here, Mama, LOOK, LOOK, LOOK!" He shoved his little clock in my face and I saw it read 6:38.

I just stared at him and shook my head no. He looked back at the clock. He looked shocked. He sort of mouthed the words "Where did it go?" His lucky number 7 had disappeared. He looked so defeated and sad that I couldn't help but smile. So I gave him a morning hug and kiss and showed him once again where the 7 should be. Because his outburst had brought Catherine out of her chambers, and awakened his baby brother, I gave in to the 6:37 wake up call.

Sigh. We'll try again tomorrow.


Brenda on the S OR Coast said...

That's too cute!

You might try an alarm clock. Tell them they can't get up until the alarm goes off (or music, if you have a clock radio.) I'm told you can even get kids to sleep longer by adjusting the time the alarm goes off, once you've got them conditioned...


Colored With Memories said...

I'm with ya...children awake before 7 makes for a long day.

Good idea teaching them that!