Monday, June 09, 2008

Take It Outside!

They really do love each other. I know they do. Deep, deep, deep inside. But lately....I don't know....lately something has happened. From the moment they wake up it's "Weeyum say zip it to me" or "Catherine says I copied her but I DIDN'T!" Or maybe "Catherine put her foot on me" or "Weeyum say 'rah' to me" (I'm starting to think she just simply doesn't want to be spoken to a'tall).

They are wearing me out. They fight about things that don't even make sense. They fight about who will go first brushing teeth, getting in the car, or getting slathered with sunscreen. It got so bad last week at the pool that, after William told me he should go first because he's the biggest, I started putting Catherine's sunscreen on instead and told him that it didn't matter if he was big because today was "Little" day. He looked perplexed. I said, "Sorry, but I heard on the news this morning that it was Little Day, which means that all the little people go first today."

He stood there a minute. He said, "So tomorrow is 'Big' Day?"

I told him I'd watch the news and see.

So the next day, same scene, I pulled out the sunscreen and he quietly asked, "So....did the news say it's 'Big' Day?" I nodded and said he was in luck. But I assured Catherine that chances were great it would be "Little" day tomorrow.

Tomorrow turned out to be Saturday though and Andy took the kids to the pool by himself. He had no clue what was going on when he was asked if it was Big or Little Day and of course just ended up making everyone mad. Poor guy.

They're back at it again today though. And this referee needs a nap.
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Mary Anna said...

Ben and I played well together, but mom says it's cause I bossed him around and talked circles around him. And in the meantime, we fought over territory in the backseat. Mom normally brought masking tape on car trips.

I love Catherine's drama queen pose and William's beefing it up for the camera.