Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The GIft That Keeps On Giving

About two weeks before Mother's Day I was perusing the brochure from the Arts Center after signing William up for art camp this summer and noticed that they were offering a photography class this summer for big kids like me. I emailed it to Andy with a "hint" that it would make a great Mother's Day gift. Of course then I got worried that he was going to send his Mom to it instead of me so I followed up with "from the kids." He picked up on it and registered me. Last night was my first class.

Photography is something I've always loved and have desperately wanted to learn but never took the time to do it. A couple of years ago Andy gave me a really good camera but I've only operated it in "simple mode" because I didn't understand all the other stuff. I even took the manual on vacation with me last year and attempted to read it and self educate but it still didn't make sense. Shutter speed, ISO, white balance, back lighting, aperture, blah blah blah. But last night. Last was like a light came on as we started looking at photographs, talking about how to achieve the look, and then using our own cameras to make it happen. I can hardly wait until next week!

For two an a half hours last night I wasn't the same tired ol' mama who changed diapers, refereed fights, and wiped noses and hineys all day. I was in my element. I was someone I haven't seen in a long long time.

Good to know she's still around.


Colored With Memories said...

Oh how fun! I am so glad you are getting to do that.

My camera is and most likely will remain in "simple" mode. Maybe, just maybe, I'll take the plunge and sign up for a class too!

Can't wait to see some of your new talent showcased on the ole blog!

elise said...

Angels DO walk among us. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.