Monday, June 23, 2008

"Vacation" Bible School

So we started VBS this week. If you remember last year I had practically just left the hospital from having number 3 when I volunteered to help because free child care + interacting with grown ups + snack room filled with homemade goodies = vacation for ME. This year I'm not so sure. Especially since I am working with the preschoolers so I'm chasing after four and five year olds, yelling all morning "keep your hands to yourself," "mouths closed and ears open," and "don't drink the glue." Just like I do here at home. Every day of my life.

This morning was the first day so we were running behind schedule just trying to get everyone registered. Which meant the first "session" of the morning was cut short. When I realized that session was my break time I think I said out loud "oh no you di-n't." Because that's when I get to go to a special room, prop my feet up and enjoy all the goodies prepared by Christian women. I only had ten minutes this morning. Now that's just wrong.

William gets to participate in VBS this year and his little class was sitting next to mine in the opening session in the sanctuary. I realized that I had forgotten to make sure he had his little offering to put in the bucket when it came around. I watched as the bucket passed by in front of him and then was mortified when he reached in and grabbed all the money out. He looked at it for a second and then dropped it all back in. I guess he was robbing Peter to pay.....Peter? Or in this case robbing Jesus to pay Jesus? Either way...I'll make sure we're better prepared tomorrow.

And to think it's only the first day of our "vacation."

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Colored With Memories said...

I think I had just found your blog when you posted last year about your VBS experience. It's still funny to me!

I'm linking to you in my post tonight...I'm sharing some baby "hamhocks"!