Monday, June 16, 2008

Wake Up Call

I usually am in bed (and most of the time asleep) before it's truly dark outside. The kids are in bed by 8:00 and my goal is to be under the covers myself by 8:05. My alarm goes off at 4:40 in the morning so I can be at the gym at 5:00. It's a sick little routine but it's what works for me IF I get enough sleep. But last night it was nearly 10:00 before I made it into bed. So I was already a little nervous about not getting enough z's.

At exactly 1:11 am I was awakened by Gloria Gaynor loudly serenading me with what has become my theme song, "I Will Survive." It was a bit surreal. I opened my eyes, saw the time, and thought either I'd died and gone to disco heaven or someone's alarm was going off at a most undesirable time. It was the latter. I then realized that it was Andy's. See, we each have our own alarm clock. We used to share mine that actually has two separate alarms on it, but Andy hated all the buttons and claimed it was too much to deal with out of a dead sleep. So he got a small uncomplicated little system. Which works just fine until little hands start playing with it during the day and reset the alarm for 1:11 am.

So anyway there I was, kicking Andy to wake him up and turn off his alarm (which is what I always do), but instead of turning it off, he hits SNOOZE. So we got to snooze for 9 more minutes and at 1:20 am were awakened once again with "Ring My Bell." Apparently there is a huge disco audience at that time of night because whatever radio station he has the alarm set on was cranking out Studio 54's greatest hits.

There were choice words exchanged ("turn it OFF already!!!"), a little physical violence and a great smashing and clanking of one small alarm clock and we were back sleeping soundly in no time. Even with all the forces against me to keep me from working out with all the mawmaws and pawpaws this morning, I still made it there.

But Andy. Poor Andy. I came home to find him scurrying. The crazy messed up alarm clock never sounded again. He overslept and nearly missed his bus, so I sent him running out the door this morning with his untied tie draped around his neck and a few dollars for some breakfast.

Footnote: It's 7:00 am and his alarm is going off at this very moment. Um yeah, I'd say it's messed up.

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Colored With Memories said...

Reminds me of us! My hubby has been off work for a few days.

Day 1 Blackberry alarm goes off way too early.

Day 2 Blackberry alarm goes off again...I couldn't believe we hadn't learned the lesson.

Day 3 Blackberry sleeps, but random watch alarm goes off.

Day 4 all alarms off, but baby wakes up before chickens.

I give up!