Wednesday, May 07, 2008

William Connick Jr.

I'm teaching William how to play the piano. He's loving it and so am I. I can't quite put into words the pride (is that a bad thing?) I feel as I watch him learn and am quite amazed at how quickly he's learning. I used to teach piano to little kids a million years ago, and I remember what a slow and arduous process it was. But this ~ this is going by really fast. Could be because it's so enjoyable. Or because the pupil is so adorable. Or because I feel like I'm pouring a part of myself into a part of myself. Make sense?

This was after the very first lesson. Since then we've moved on to real songs. Old McDonald is our latest hit. I'll be sure to post the tour dates soon.

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Colored With Memories said...

Aw...that's precious. We just inherited a our old family piano a while back...make me want to start with Lily!

Although...there might be a problem...after 4 years of lessons I don't think I remember a thing!

How fun! Keep up the good work.