Monday, March 31, 2008

Dressed for Success

I went shopping last week and came home with bags full of new clothes. I laid everything out on the bed to survey my purchases. I carefully put together each outfit as I tried things on again, making sure they fit properly, colors complimented each other, and the fabric moved well as I practiced stretching, reaching, pulling, lifting, and cycling.

That's right. I bought new work out clothes. My torn Umbros and law school t-shirts (especially the one that says "Bar Review" with sketches of empty beer bottles all over it) just don't seem appropriate for my new early morning workout regime. I can't move right. Don't have freedom of movement. Shorts ride up when I'm cycling. Ok, truth is, the Golden Girls wear cute workout clothes and are making me feel inferior.

That, along with the fact that they pedal twice as fast and lift three times more than I do.

They aren't getting to me though. Really they're not.


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