Monday, March 10, 2008

Anywhere But Here

This was the scene in my laundry room yesterday afternoon. A sight to behold. Something I haven't seen in four years, three months and 13 days. But who's keeping track. Empty laundry baskets, my friends. That's right. All, and I mean ALL the laundry was done. As I stood there wiping the tears from my eyes and reveling in my overhwhelming sense of accomplishment, Andy burst in the door and tossed his running clothes in the hamper.

"Oh I don't THINK so, pal," I said as I tossed them back at him.

"What are you talking about? They're dirty." And he threw them back in the nice, clean and empty basket.

"Not today they're not." And I kicked them back out.

"Have you lost your mind? What am I supposed to do with them?"

"Put them back on. The laundry room is c-l-o-s-e-d." And with that I walked out, turned out the light, shut the door and savored my job being done.

For at least 4 minutes.


Rhonda Case said...

Job well done!!! I'm still working on mine...

WendyH said...

Oh, the light, its too eyes are burning from the glare of those empty hampers and baskets! I've been in the laundry cave of darkness too long I guess. Throw me a rope now that you're out, ok!

Mary Anna said...

That is the BEST feeling in the world. I can't believe I'd say this out loud, but I've been known to strip down to nothin in front of the w/d (on my way to the shower) to avoid throwing any clothes in my empty laundry basket. I have roommates now, and our laundry room is just off the kitchen, so my nude laundry days are over.