Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why Pay When You Can See It For Free

A few weeks ago we took the kids to the Zoo. It's about an hour from here, so we loaded up the kids and all the gear and paid a small fortune for our family of five. To see the same stuff we see at home. Every day.

For instance, we saw monkeys who live in a pile of clutter, swing from one cheap plastic toy to another and throw bananas around for kicks and giggles:

feb'08 079

We saw babies:

feb'08 108

And I saw something I could identify with. Notice the last line: "They give birth once every 2 years." Except my little monkeys had to cook slightly longer than 160 days. Sheesh. Lucky Capuchin Monkey.

feb'08 078

We saw a jack...I mean...donkey:

feb'08 082

Oops. Wrong picture. Donkey:

feb'08 083

And this was one of the funniest things. This crazy old goose (and I don't mean myself) followed us all over the stinkin' place. We couldn't lose him!

feb'08 062

feb'08 090

feb'08 094

It really was a fun time and a sweet little Zoo. It's no Audubon, but it's known as the "Little Zoo that Could", and was even featured on Animal Planet. I'll leave you with a picture of Chuckie. Chuckie the Alligator escaped from the Zoo during Hurricane Ivan in 2004, and enjoyed a day of freedom meandering around Orange Beach and Gulf Shores until he was returned to live in captivity again with the monkeys. I think he was finally caught at Starbucks having a skinny mocha latte and catching up on some reading. I give you, Chuckie:

feb'08 138


Rhonda Case said...

Is the zoo worth the price of admission? I think MA and JC would love to go.

Mommy, Esquire said...

Yes, it's absolutely worth it! And the best part is....the goose escort is FREE.