Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Surf and Turf

Andy went hunting last weekend. Even though I'm a girl raised in the south (I refuse to call myself a breakfast food) I was never exposed to the hunting world until I met Andy. My Dad and brother never hunted, and the closest I'd ever been to deer was sitting plastered to the TV watching Bambi over and over and crying. In fact, for years after we were married, Andy would cook up some venison from some poor creature he'd maimed and killed, and I'd turn my nose up, saying I'd NEVER eat Bambi.

Until one day I had a piece of tenderloin wrapped in bacon and I told him to go hither and get me some more meat!

So this past weekend I agreed to let him go hunting, because we'd just run out of our freezer stock of venison. And even though I'd been quarantined alone inside with sick kids for weeks, I let him go and said once again "Go hither. And don't come back without a deer. If you have to stop and buy one, don't walk back in this door without some meat!"

And so he went. And I'd rather not think about how it all went down, but I was glad to see that once again our freezer will be stocked.

So no sooner had he walked in the door than he got an invite to go fishing. Still dressed in his camo, he exchanged the pistol for the pole and this time took at least one child (the only one potty trained) with him. Only reason he didn't take William hunting is I have a rule that no child of mine will go until he's old enough to call 9-1-1. I don't mean to sound sexist here, and I don't know why I said "he." Because judging from her emerging personality, Catherine is probably more likely to maim, torture and kill than William or Stuart. But she's gotta get out of diapers first.

Anyway....Andy took William on his first fishing trip. And our 4-year-old fished like a pro and caught his limit in redfish in less than 2 hours. He put dinner on the table last night.

I asked him this morning when he got up if he dreamed about fishing last night. He thought about it and said "Nah." Then a few minutes later he said "I dreamed about the kids across the street." Mmmkay.

Anyway...Here are the pictures from the expedition.


WendyH said...

I'm so jealous! No one ever takes me fishing or hunting...yes I love to do both. Even if I didn't before now, I would adopt them as favorite past-times. Anything that involves sitting quietly & you have to go away...sometimes a few hours away...from other people sounds like a vacation. Yep, I like hunting and fishing. My 2 favorite hobbies, especially after 3 boys.

Mary Anna said...

Mmmmmmm venison....

I love these pics of your son and the fish--he looks so proud of himself! You've raised quite the hunter and gatherer!