Sunday, January 06, 2008

The M.E. List

Everyone who knows me knows I'm a big fan of Oprah. In fact, it's been suggested that the real reason I took a leave of absence from law practice was to watch Oprah and eat bon-bons, which of course I do all the time. But I've always loved the "O" list. A whole list of Oprah's favorite things. Although I've never been inclined nor able to purchase things like cashmere underwear or Burberry sweaters for my psycho dog, occasionally I'll find something useful and fun that I want to try. So I thought it might be fun to share my own list of a few of my favorite things. So here you go. The Mommy, Esquire list. This might become a regular feature!

1. Trader Joe's.
No, we don't have one where I live. But I discovered it in Atlanta (the closest one to me...grrrr) and I've already written the company asking, no, begging for them to put one here in Mayberry. All organic, natural, delicious and (unbelievably) affordable food and drink, including my favorite new find: Two Buck Chuck wine. That's right, wine connoisseurs. Good (at least I think so) wine for $2.49 a bottle. A case for less than $30. It's great to just keep on hand at home to have a glass (or two or three depending on Sybil's moods) at night with dinner. Or lunch. Or breakfast. (Just kidding). (Not really).


I found this at Target and it claims to be the most astonishing hand cream ever. It's a pretty bold statement. Not sure it would win an academy award, but I wash my hands so much from changing diapers and wiping runny noses all day that I only have about one very dry layer of skin left on my hands anyway, and this stuff performs better than anything else I've found. And it smells fabulous.

3. Quaker Oatmeal.

A strange thing I know to have on my list, but I've been cooking up some yummy oatmeal every morning lately. Here's my new favorite recipe:

Cook your oatmeal as usual. (I do the 1/2 cup suggested serving, mixed with water and microwaved for 3 minutes). Then I add milk, a little honey, about 1/2 tsp. of splenda brown sugar, dash of cinnamon, 2 tbsp. milled flax seed, handful of walnuts and 1/2 banana. It's so good, so filling and good for you.

4. My iPod.

I'm a little behind the times, but I'm just now learning how to work my iPod and I love it. I am addicted to iTunes. Especially the podcasts. So many of them are free, too. Santa left me some very comfy earbuds in my stocking, and my new running shoes will be arriving any day now, so I have no excuses not to get moving. Well actually I have three little excuses, but since two of those are in school three mornings a week, and I can put the other excuse in the baby jogger, I really have none.

5. The Puff rocker. I love this chair. I got one for my birthday and it's the perfect little chair to rock a baby (which I do often) or take a nap (which I do seldom). Regardless, it's my favorite place to perch when I get the chance.

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Mary Anna said...

I like this post. See, you can have the kids and still hang onto independent thought. Folks, it can be done.

I like Two Buck Chuck, but it's really hard to find up here. We don't have Trader Joe's either...

Also, I discovered some really great hand cream at Ulta the other day. It's Booth's and the scent is Honey & Almond. It's really rich, only $5, a huge tube, and incredibly non-greasy. I'll have to check out the Target line.