Friday, January 04, 2008

Girls Night Out

I received a very exciting phone call a little while ago. A good friend who I haven't seen in a while called to see if I wanted to come to a Mexican themed Girls Night Out Game Night at her house. One of the regulars had to cancel at the last minute so she wanted to see if I could come? Even though it's a little like being chosen last for kickball during recess...actually not even....more like being called out of detention to play when someone else gets hurt. At any rate, you get to play. Which is a good thing.

But what it is with us Moms that makes us feel so guilty about doing something like that? Before I could say yay or nay to her, I was quickly running through my mind thoughts such as....but it's Friday night....can't leave the family alone on a Friday night...can Andy handle all three kids....what will they eat....can I get at least one or two to bed before I go....and bathe them too...oh this is awful to run off and have a great time and leave them...etc. etc. etc. So I told her I'd talk to Andy and call her back.

So I told Andy about my parole, I mean invitation, and prefaced it with "I hate to do this to you" as I told him what I wanted to do and promised to have everyone fed, watered and bathed before I left....and then ended with "I'll make it up to you."

Why oh why?

When he wants to go to golf tournaments, football games, or a week at the Grand Canyon, here's how he does it:


I could take lessons.

The thing is, he is happy for me to get to spend a fun night with my friends. And he doesn't expect me to make it up to him. And he'll be fine with all three kids and in fact will probably even have fun.

As long as they all go to bed at 5:30.


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Mary Anna said...

Have fun tonight. Huzzah!