Sunday, January 20, 2008

Manners 101

We've been trying to teach the kids how to have good table manners. We try to stay positive and emphasize the "do's" such as do sit up straight, do chew with your mouth closed, do say please and thank you. We try, as often as possible, to avoid too many "don't's" such as don't put your stinky feet on the table, don't scratch your back with your fork, and don't stick jello up your nose. We (more specifically I) take exception to the kids complaining when the food is presented. After slaving over a platter of toast for hours, the last thing I want to hear is "oooh I don't LIKE toast!"

So this morning, I had assembled oatmeal for everyone, and was really proud of the fact that I'd thawed out some yummy strawberries leftover from our strawberry festival last spring (refer to earlier post). Either he took issue with the oatmeal, or the strawberries on top, or both, but when I sat the bowl in front of him William looked up and said "Hey......what kind of sick joke is this?"

How's that for gratitude.

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Mary Anna said...

How dare you serve your children fresh, hand-cut fruit on top of their nutritious oatmeal? What kind of mother are you anyway?