Sunday, July 08, 2007

They're Ba-ack

Our older two spent the weekend at Mimi and Papa's while Number 3, being tethered to me as he is, stayed behind. It wasn't quite a festive occasion (well it depends on who you ask) or a vacation really (again, it's relative) but more of a necessity that we had to send Numbers 1 & 2 away. You see, how do I put this delicately.....well....over the past 4 years, between me and Andy one of us has given birth 3 times, and so on Friday the other one saw to it that there won't be a 4th. If you know what I mean. So as to speed along the recovery and offer a little peace, quiet and rest for the wounded, the grandparents graciously whisked William and Catherine away on Friday.

For 3 days my house was clean and neat. For 3 days when I put something away it stayed there. Andy and I had only ourselves to feed at dinnertime and I didn't fix a single PB&J all weekend. Only one of the 3 monitors hummed in our room through the night. When I was awakened early in the morning to feed the baby, I could go back to sleep when he did. I was able to hold, rock and cuddle the baby....alone. And it was very very quiet around here. But something just wasn't right. It was too quiet and too still. And I was glad it was only for 3 days. And I couldn't wait to hear those little feet running up the steps and those sweet voices yelling "Mama" again. And all was right with the world.

Out of the blue while I was brushing his teeth, with toothpaste dripping down his chin and bubbles frothing out of his mouth, William looked up and said "Mama, I love you." Makes it all....and I mean all...worthwhile. Doesn't make me want a Number 4....and am in fact very glad there won't be....but sure makes me grateful beyond words for Numbers 1, 2 and 3.

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