Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dog Nights of Summer

Forget the dog days....we've had dog nights this week. Literally. Our AC went out on Monday afternoon. We couldn't get it fixed that day so we moved the kids into our room after they went to sleep. The unit that went out was the one that cools the part of the house where the kids all sleep. We had to put everyone to bed in their own beds and then make the move once they were out of it, otherwise they would have thought it was a big slumber party and they were the guests of honor.

We fixed a big pallet in the floor of our rooom for William and Catherine. Stuart's bassinet was still in there anyway so we figured he could scrunch up in it one last time. Moved William, no problem. Moved Stu, no problem. Moved Catherine. Problem. She woke up.

We quickly turned out the lights and acted like we were asleep ourselves. I kept one eye open on her though and saw her sitting up, looking over at William, then lying down. Then sitting up again, then poking William. Andy pulled her up into our bed at that point and put her between us, with Tina Turner in tow (her baby doll....that's a whole other blog entry altogether to explain why she calls her baby Tina Turner).

She sat up. She laid down. She pushed Andy's shoulder. She pulled my hair. She stuck both legs in the air and flopped them down real hard. She rolled over to one side. Then the other. Then she stuck her fingers in my eyes. She pulled her paci out and announced "Paci." She grabbed her baby and announced "Tina Tuhnuh." She asked for juice. She asked for water. She spotted my water on the bedside table and said "wah, Mama. Mama's wah." I tried to give her a sip. She wanted to take the whole thing and lie down with it. I wouldn't let her. She went NUTS. Sybil started to emerge and before she could get going good Andy grabbed her, hand over mouth to keep her from waking up the neighborhood and took off with her. Off she went. Back to her hot room. I turned on an extra fan for her, and felt bad for a minute or two, but decided that there just wasn't enough room for me, Andy, Sybil AND Tina Turner in the same bed.

Just as we got back into bed and I was almost asleep....a clap of thunder and flash of lightening and that crazy, psychotic, neurotic dog came running in, jumped in the bed between us, and had to be tranquilized.

I was wishing someone would tranquilize me.

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