Tuesday, July 10, 2007

That Thing That You Do

I have been told over and over to write down the things that my children do and say that I want to remember, because even though you think you'll never forget, the truth is I can't remember from afternoon to evening to even tell Andy when he gets home. So that's why I love blogging. I actually find myself remembering things and writing them down, and I wonder if one day when the kids are older they will be able to read all these things like a digital scrapbook. Of course Catherine will probably be talking about me on a Dr. Phil show entitled "My Mother Called Me Sybil". But I'll deal with that later.

Just for fun, I've put together the Encyclopedia Williamanica.

Fraturday: the day that follows Thursday or precedes Sunday. Either one.

Chicken Doodle Soup: What your mom makes you when you're sick. You can only eat it when sick. If your mom offers it to you and you're not sick, you pitch a big fit because that just 'aint right.

Jail: Where the police will take you if they catch you not buckled into your carseat, turning the overhead light on inside the car, running into the street, crossing the street not holding a grown-up's hand, or not drinking a big glass of milk with your chocolate chip cookies.

Monster Spray: What you can spray under the bed and in the closets to keep the monsters out of your room at night. You can also use it to make your bed head hair lie down in the morning before you go to school.

Baby Cafrin: What you call your sister until she is old enough to pull your hair and drive you crazy. And until a new baby came along.

Baby Tu-ut: What Cafrin calls the new baby.

What do you call your name?: What you ask new friends you meet at the park after you introduce yourself.

Ah, nuts: What you say when you're frustrated, and because you're not allowed to say "darn it."

DBB: that thing you put in the movie player to play movies.

The encyclopedia will be updated periodically. New material can be gathered every day. If I could just slow down long enough to listen, remember and record it!

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