Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This is Kinda Sad

This is the first born's room. Darling ocean scene mural on the wall....matching bedding and sea creatures rug, rocking horse and numerous toys, books, etc.

The second born's room. Beautiful crib bedding, carefully chosen matching accessories and even a custom made bunny chandelier. Darling.

This is Number 3's room. A basket. Lovingly pulled out of the closet and placed carefully in the floor of the spare bedroom.

I have spent months torturing myself over where to put this baby. Catherine still needs the baby crib. It would do more harm to Catherine at this point to rip her out of her crib and disrupt her (and our) good night's sleep and put her in a big bed. Besides, by the third go round you realize that all a tiny baby needs is food (assuming Dairy Queen opens, check), a place to lay its head (check check) and clean pants (thanks to our Sunday School class and the diaper shower, check check check). So we're set. I'm sure when we get home with Number 3 we'll point out the basket, the clean towels in the bathroom and tell him/her to make him/herself at home. Holler if you need anything.

And I'm sure he/she will.

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