Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Imminent Arrival of Number 3

Went to the Dr. today. Correction. Waddled to the Dr. today, in a foul mood and with high blood pressure as a result of the 15 rounds I went with my 3 year old before I could even get out of the door. I think the whole household is sensing the impending change and each of us is reacting differently. William is throwing tantrums. Catherine is getting clingier. And Andy is frantically squeezing in final moments of golf, travel and sleep. I'm just drafting the eviction notice I am posting for Number 3. Precious thing. Can't wait for him or her to relocate. These all night parties keeping me up at all hours are getting old.

We moved the induction date back to Tuesday, the 24th. I will go into the hospital on Monday night, about 10:00, and they will induce me early Tuesday morning. How sad is it that I'm excited beyond words that I'll have an extra night in the hospital. It's like I've won a cruise! Room service. Maid service. 24 hour child care. And a big DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door. (actually I think hospital terminology is something like ISOLATION FOR INFECTIOUS DISEASE....but whatever works).

Bring it on!

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