Sunday, April 08, 2007

(Not So) Good Friday

The delay in posting is due to a raging stomach virus that swarmed through our entire family, including grandparents, after poor little Catherine came down with it last week. To give you the most adequate picture of my week's end, and to quote Ouiser Boudreaux from Steel Magnolias: This is it, I've found it. I am in hell.

Catherine got sick on Tuesday but was much better by Thursday. So I loaded the kids that afternoon in the minivan to head to William's T-ball game where Andy was going to meet us. We got about 10 minutes from the house and I had one of those Mom moments where I had an uncanny premonition that William was sick. I glanced in the rear view mirror and there it was: sick. Sick sick sick. All over the van. All over him. My poor sweet helpless baby and I couldn't do anything but make a drastic u-turn and book it back to the house, where Andy arrived shortly after we did following a not so calm call from me that went something like "GET HOME RIGHT NOW. RIGHT NOW. HURRY HURRY HURRY NOW NOW NOW."

Let's just say I spent the next few hours holding William's head over a bowl, then the rest of the night holding my own head over a bowl. Andy wasn't spared either but I'll respect his privacy and not share details. But it was ugly. So ugly that I called Mom first thing in the morning crying and said something like: This is it, I've found it. I am in hell. Please come get Catherine. And she did. And William and Andy and I spent the next 24 hours comatose.

Slightly funny scene though early Friday morning. I was the only one even remotely capable of putting one foot in front of the other so I went to the store to load up on gatorade (here's a tip....if you have kids, buy a container of powdered gatorade that will keep for a while because I can promise that you will thank me one day because kids will get you sick!) to keep us all hydrated. I crawled out of bed and wore my pajama bottoms, a sweatshirt and flip flops. I had a cart full of powdered gatorade, immodium and 5 different flavors of powerade. I was holding my huge pregnant sick self up by hanging over the cart as I approached the only line open. Dude in front of me had about 10 packs of ribs, a few 6 packs of beer and an extra large bag of M&M's. Now, which one of us do you think was sick? I think even Stevie Wonder would have been able to tell. It was quite OBVIOUS. It would have been nice to have been given a free pass to move ahead in the line. But no. And then I had to wait while he got a book of stamps too. And got a price check on the M's. I couldn't catch a break. Then Suzi Sunrise behind the register says "Good Morning!!!!! How are YOU today on this Good Friday?" Grrrrrr.

Anyway. We did survive. And we managed to make it to church this morning to celebrate the reason for the season. And to be thankful for our blessings. And thankful for that Good Friday and first Easter morning so many years ago, which made me wonder....why is it called Good Friday? It wasn't so good for Jesus either. But I'm grateful beyond measure for it.

Happy Easter! And so it was.

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