Sunday, April 22, 2007


Guess who's still around? It's ok though. I ended up getting to run last minute errands, stock up on yet even more toilet paper and buy the kids some treats so they'll have a goody bag while we are gone. I guess I figure somehow a few Wiggles board books and some bubbles will make a new little screaming crying baby taking all Mama and Daddy's attention worth it!

We've tried to prepare them the best we can. We've told William that he needs to be Mommy's big helper when the new baby gets here. He agreed and said that he will change the baby's diaper. Really, I said. Then the very next words out of his mouth were after he himself finished in the bathroom and he hollered "Mama....I'm done....come wipe me!" Hmmmmm. Somehow I sense that I'll still be up close and personal to all of my children's backsides for quite a while longer.

Funny thing happened yesterday on my errand outing. I decided to treat myself to Starbucks. I waddled inside and as I approached the little frat boy working behind the counter he said loudly "We were just saying how pregnant you are!" Wow, and how observant YOU are, I thought. But I said "You have no idea, man. In fact, I could have this baby right here so hurry up with my frappuccino will ya?" You've never seen faster service.

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