Tuesday, April 17, 2007

That Aint Right

I made a feeble and ultimately futile attempt this past weekend to see if Catherine was ready to be potty trained. The idea of only having one size of diapers to buy was too appealing, so I pulled out the little plastic potty, dressed her in nothing but a long t-shirt and told her that for the rest of the day she would use the potty! Wouldn't that be fun????? She nodded her head yes.

William told me first thing that he would teach her how to tee tee in the potty since he was a big boy and had been doing it for so long. So for about an hour she was fascinated with the idea, and kept sitting down and getting up from the potty, but accomplishing nothing. Finally, after a big cup of water, I asked her if she had to tee tee and she nodded yes. So we all ran over to the potty, Catherine plopped down and William announced, "Cafrin, you HAVE to push your willy down so you don't get tee tee everywhere" as he was peering into the potty. Then *gasp* he looked up at me horrified and shrieked "MAMA, Cafrin's willy is GONE!" (No comments please on our body part works for us).

"Well, William, girls have different private parts than boys and Catherine doesn't have the same parts as you do. But she can still tee tee and do just fine." He just looked horrified. Sad almost. I was biting my lip the whole time to keep from laughing.

I'd like to say the potty training with Catherine was a success. It was not. I learned she is just not ready for it yet. After sitting on the potty all morning and doing nothing she got up and walked a few feet away and went in the floor. Then as if that wasn't discouraging enough, and because he either just wanted attention or was still in shock that his sister was missing what he obviously considers a very important piece of equipment, for the first time since I can remember William wet HIS pants!

Then psycho dog, in response to the gale force winds and dark clouds outside, peed in her bed.

Argh! Now that just aint right.


Shannon said...

That is so funny! I love reading your stories. So did William ask what "Cafrin" had instead of a "willy"?

Mary Anna said...

Have you seen this?

It's a little side-project that I run with some of my friends...

Karen Vanoy said...

Okay, Will and I laughed so hard we almost wet our pants!! Lots to look forward to as Brady gets older.