Thursday, April 05, 2007

Runaway Mom

I left the other night. I couldn't help it. Tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing. Here's why.

After a long and very exhausting day, I had cooked dinner, set the table and called the family in. It didn't exactly start out a scene from Norman Rockwell. William took one look at his plate and pointed his little finger at each helping and whined "I don't liiiiiiiiiiiike this. Or this. Or this." And at once the battle was on. Andy telling him it's rude, disrespectful, blah blah blah and William whining until he gets sent to his room to rethink the situation. A common scene.

Next it was Catherine's, I mean Sybil's turn. She did eat, but then the demons took over and she basically went crazy. I jumped up, looked at the clock and realized that bathtime and bedtime had arrived not a moment too soon and put her in the bath. Got her out, dried her off, and began to put on her pajamas. Got the top on and as I was putting the bottoms on, the meltdown started back up (at least the 7th one that day) so I pulled her off the changing table and laid her in the floor to try to finish getting her dressed. Got one leg in but...and I know you don't believe this....I could NOT get that other pants leg on that little screaming, kicking, 25 pound girl. Something in me snapped and I just walked out of her room, went to the kitchen (where William had returned to eat his dinner), walked past Andy and William, picked up my keys and got in the car and left.

I drove for over an hour. Just drove, with the windows open and music blasting. Like I was young and free and cool. Although I was 9 months pregnant and in a mini van so it wasn't that cool. But at least I was alone. And listening to what I wanted to listen to and going where I wanted to go. It was nice. If just for an hour.

Don't get me wrong. I adore my family. But on those days when everything and everyone gets sideways it's good to find a place to clear your head. Even if that place is your big white mamamobile. And who knows...when you get back the kitchen might be cleaned, kids in bed, and husband waiting for you with a big hug.

And you might consider doing it more often.

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Kelly said...

Hi Julie,

I just love your blog! I check it every few days...

Glad to hear that you'll be pregnant for no more than 20 days... I know as hectic as life is already, there's nothing sweeter than meeting your new baby.

Jakob and I are coming to FL for a week or two in June. We'll be arriving June 9th and are driving, so I am happy to drive your way and have a get together. I'm not sure that Jakob adores The Wiggles nearly as much as William, but he certainly likes them well enough. I think it's possible they could occupy one another long enough for us to enjoy a beverage or two... Kelly