Thursday, August 31, 2006

The hills are alive....with the sound of music for some reason William decides that the thing to do this afternoon was to dress up as Capt. Feathersword the friendly pirate (arrrrrrrrr) and have his sister wear the monkey costume. The monkey hat was as far as we got with her but that seemed to appease him. make the scene more interesting he decided that he should be a violin playing pirate. make it all even more bizarre, he wanted to sit at the piano with me and sing Frosty the Snowman. As I'm sweating, doing the 14th encore, I spy my Sound of Music songbook and grab it, telling William we need to learn a new song. With visions of skipping through town this fall in homemade frocks from the curtains (I don't really have any curtains but you get the idea) I start playing Do-Re-Mi....thinking what a good Mom I am teaching him real music and so early! Apparently he was no longer inspired so he jumps off the piano bench and it goes something like this: (at this point I had moved on from Doe a dear and was on to something much more dramatic)

"Climb....ev---ery mountain..."


"Ford....ev....ery stream....."


"Follow every rainbow....TIL....YOU.....FIND.....YOUR.....DREAMMMMMMMMM"!!!!!!

MAMA...MAMA....MA........MA!!!!!!!! I want to watch a movie.

Sigh. Just as well.....I'd probably find the piano on the front lawn if Andy ever catches William singing showtunes. Not that he'd be very happy with the paisley romper and knee socks either.

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