Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fear Factor

The other night I was home alone wishing I was an octopus while trying to feed the kids. For some reason, even though he's completely capable of feeding himself, William reverted and wanted me to feed him his dinner. His dinner was chicken pot pie (.49 Swanson's...his favorite...nothing but the best!) and Catherine's, because I still can control what goes in her mouth, was spinach and pasta. I had both the kids lined up, going down the assembly line, and accidentally put Catherine's spoonful in William's mouth. He went bat nuts. You would have thought I fed him breaded worms smothered in poo gravy. Then it hit me. Toddler Fear Factor. What a great show. They would be forced to ingest horrible things like milk and veggies, then they have to take a bath, use the potty on their own and....gasp....brush teeth. For the bonus round they would have to take a bath with their baby sister. I need to contact NBC asap.

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