Monday, August 07, 2006

Frog Cheese Chicken

I promise that every entry isn't going to be a recap of William's dinner but this one's too exciting to keep to myself. Those who know this child know that he won't let a vegetable cross his lips. I thought I had tried every which way to get him to eat them. I've begged and pleaded. I've bribed. I've tried reasoning with him. Example - The other night I put ONE bean on his plate...just one tiny little lima bean. I told him that Baby Catherine was eating them (of course Mikey eats anything but that's another post altogether) so he said she could have his too. I told him that I would eat one if he ate one and he told me I could have his and that would make two for me. Tonight though I tried something I've never tried before: trickery. I have a wonderful baby/toddler cookbook (I'll have to post that link too) so I tried a new recipe for chicken and spinach. I put a big helping of spinach in his Wiggles bowl, topped with chicken, topped with a white sauce and some sprinkles of cheddar cheese. I thought about trying to hide the spinach but I knew he would find it and go nuts. So instead, I announced loudly "I have a SPECIAL dinner for you tonight....a special green FROG dinner (don't really know where that came from...guess I was inspired by the green)." I got a little green gummy frog, put it on the side of the bowl and told him this was the frog's favorite meal and he was going to sit there and watch William eat it. William took one look at it and said "OH COOL.....FROG CHEESE CHICKEN!!!!" He gobbled it up, ate the frog as dessert and then...I'm not kidding....proceded to LICK the bowl to get the rest of it. Unreal.

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Kami said...

That made me laugh out loud! William is a cutie. :)