Friday, August 11, 2006

Went to the levee but the levee was gone

Andy and I just returned from a quick overnight road trip to New Orleans to celebrate our anniversary. Ten years. Years ago we started talking about where we might go.....Hawaii....Europe....some romantic deserted island. That was before we had kids.

We still had a great time though but my oh my the devastation there one year later. We stopped off in Gulfport on the way over and drove as far as Pass least what's left of Pass Christian. Hard to tell there is even a town there. No people. No businesses. No churches. No streets even. Still. One year later. I noticed a teddy bear propped up against a pile of rubble. Hard to believe he's been there a year but I still couldn't help but wonder what his story was and who he used to belong to. It's the little things that get you thinking.

New Orleans was a little different. If someone just dropped you in the middle of the French Quarter you might think something was amiss because of the astonishing lack of crowds (we walked right into Masperos) but there is little to see as far as damage. New Orleaneans haven't lost their sense of humor though as the many t-shirts for sale show. The levee line is probably the cleanest one I can post here as I plan to keep my G rating. Lets just say they aren't complimentary to FEMA, Nagin or Blanco. Imagine that.

In spite of everything that place is fighting to come back. Our service and accommodations were outstanding and we felt so welcomed there. We'll be back.

Pictures coming soon.

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