Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fabulous Firsts

Catherine's first birthday is actually not until tomorrow but we celebrated on Sunday. Can't believe she's already a year old and oh so close to walking. She stands on her own and then gives herself a big hand because we always clap for her when she does it! There were more firsts for the birthday party. I baked a cake(from scratch that is) and made a seafood quiche I had never made before...not always a great idea for a special occasion but they both turned out fabulous if I might say. The recipes have been requested so I'll post those later. The birthday girl loved her cake and ate every last bite...not a surprise at all.


Anthony said...

OK, Julie, you are freaking me out with the time of your blog. 5:30 AM? Please tell me that you are a morning person and that your kids aren’t waking you up at that time! Even though Annie (4 months) is getting up in the middle of the night, we are hoping that we can finally get some sleep in the near future.

Great blog. All the best to you, Andy, and the family.

Anthony said...
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Kelly said...

Hooray! Catherine is ONE! I thought her birthday was near. I know this is one very special occasion for your family. You've accomplished so much in your 365 days together.

I hope we can get together when we next visit.