Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yoga Girl

Ok so earlier today I had some me time and indulged in a little retail therapy while Mom had some grandbaby therapy (I always picture the grandparents after we leave walking back in the house, looking at each other and saying...hear that? exactly.... silence!). Anyway....needless to say with all the excitement for the kids playing with Gigi and Grandpa all day naps didn't exactly fit into their busy agendas. Which was fun for them but not so fun for me tonight.

So we get home with two fussy kids and Andy tells me 20 minutes before he is leaving for his Chamber meeting that he has to do a Blues Brothers skit and could I please help him find appropriate music and clothing, including cool black sunglasses. The scene was something like this:

William is in his room in nothing but his underwear banging on the door and screaming to get out and go tee-tee. (in case you're wondering why he was trapped in room twas because of earlier meltdown when he literally wouldn't pee OR get off the pot. We don't allow public meltdowns. Thus his entrapment).

Catherine is eating her dolly's hair as well as every piece of @&*#(@ on my flithy floors and whining because she's starving and the #^&*$ and doll hair isn't tiding her over.

I'm scrounging through the CD cabinet, knowing that half the cases are empty because we have never been able to put CD's back in the correct cases, so I'm hollering at Andy saying "Will Barbra Streisand or Kathie Lee Gifford do?" He gives me a dirty look and says "Don't you have the Animal House soundtrack?"

"NO....but I see Wiggles know all the moves to that!"

I get another dirty look. I hand him my not so cool Jackie-O sunglasses and tell him that's all I have in black. Had I been given prior notice I might have done better. Can't save everyone. Did I mention that in the middle of all of this the grizzly dog outside is trying to attack the UPS driver? Poor Brown.

So here I am by myself during the witching hour, eyeing my new cool t-shirt I bought today that says "Yoga Girl" and thinking I really need to learn to find my center. Hmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmm.


maryabigail said...

That's good stuff.

Ralph Himself said...

It wasn't so much that I was giving dirty looks, as it was me trying to get into character. Werd.

- Jake. Or was it Elwood? I get the two confused.