Wednesday, July 02, 2008

You're a What?

I got a call a while ago on my cell phone. Normally I don't answer it when it says "call" instead of a real number. But just for kicks and giggles (because I'm a little low on those right now with three sick children) and desperate for adult interaction I answered. After saying "Hello?" three times I finally heard a woman's voice in some unrecognizable accent. She said that I had been selected to receive a $1000 shopping spree on line. WOW!

"I do undahstand that eet ees TOO good to be twue, no?"

Well I'll say.

She then went on to tell me that in addition to this fabulous on line shopping spree (where I bettah make for sure that I do not go ovah the one thousand dollahs or I will be chahged) that I have also been one of the lucky few selected to receive not one but TWO complimentary subscriptions to Redbook and Good Housekeeping magazines (or I could pick from the hundreds of titles they have available...double WOW). As if the shopping spree wasn't enough!

All I would have to pay is a vetty vetty small sheeping and hahndling fee. But first she needed to know what year I was born and my occupation. Here's how, oh let's see, I'll call her "Sudhadkwiwuioduiotwsz" and I ended our telephone relationship.

S: Ok deen....we ah almost done. What yeah een eet were you bohn?

Me: 19** (sorry but I'm not giving it away on this blog)

S: Ok. Ahnnnnnd.....what ees eet you do for the occupation?

Me: I'm a lawyer. (and YES Wendy, I DID say it like Tracy Lawrence doing Star Jones on The View!)

S: *Click*

Wonder what I said that made her hang up without telling me goodbye?

And who said I went to law school for nothing....


Rhonda Case said...

Love it!

What is making the kids sick? Is there anything I can do to help?

WendyH said...

good girl!